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Group of Islands

North Caicos

At Work on the Farm
Government Farm

The Government Farm lately hasn’t seen the care and attention that it received in the past, yet it’s still interesting and consideration for those visiting the adjacent Wade’s Green.

Wade's Green plantation

Wade’s Green is the finest and most-interesting plantation in the country. There can be a mosquito problem after heavy rainfall. We advise bringing insect repellent.

Cottage pond

For most, this scenic deep sinkhole pond does not offer much. It’s a free and easy stop off of Sandy Point Road, so we recommend that those on a day trip to North Caicos take a few minutes to see it.

Farmers Market

Locally-caught seafood has always been a staple fare in Turks and Caicos cuisine, and fresh fish, conch, and lobster, caught only minutes or hours prior, can often be found at several locations on Providenciales. There are several small dedicated fish markets around the island, and the larger supermarkets usually stock local seafood as well. Fresh seafood is also often sold in the central Downtown area near Town Center Mall, from fishermen who trade from coolers in the back of trucks.

Middle Caicos

Making up the other half of the ‘twin islands’ is Middle Caicos. It is the largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands chain. A visit to this grand isle is an ideal experience and is the perfect opportunity to explore the dramatic cave system and revel in discovering the maze of caverns in The Indian Cave and Conch Bar Cave. The Island is home to some of the largest limestone cave systems in the Caribbean region with the underground caves extending for miles and connecting to the ocean. Adventurous travelers can go off the beaten path and enjoy hiking, biking and hobie tandem kayak fishing.

Mudjin Harbor

Mudjin Harbour is the main attraction on North and Middle Caicos and is highly recommended. Be sure to explore the small cave that’s found down the stone path to the west from the overlook.

Conch Bar Cave

This is the only cave (other than the nearby open gallery Indian Cave) in the Turks and Caicos open to tourism. There’s been very little actual access development done to the cave, mainly a stone path leading into the system. This cave is interesting, but does not offer any particularly unique or impressive features when compared to other caves found throughout the world.

Crossing bay trail

The Crossing Place Trail is a very scenic coastal area that’s typically deserted. Be sure to bring plenty of water and expect intense sun. Beware of hidden holes when walking through the low vegetation above the cliffs.

Haulover Plantation

Haulover Plantation is a remote and largely overgrown plantation ruin. Most casual visitors probably won’t find the long drive and trek through the sun worth it. If you decide to visit, bring plenty to drink. If you like exploring and finding sites that are off the beaten path, you'll probably find this place to be fascinating.

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